Thursday, October 20, 2011


Words linger

Bring them to life, my love
let the wind from your
brilliant mind
blow us into art

Tell the world
about mornings in your bed
when our minds
connect in open stillness
and insatiable passion
that will be there then
like it is now

Tell them of
my overwhelming need to
cling to clarity
patiently tolerated
from time to time

Tell them how
our eyes will meet
at 3 am
because of biorhythms
and shooting stars

Pen your
calm, solid, gentle
that no one knows...
except me

Note the year
we overcame
when fate
held us accountable

Tell the world
how we laugh,
our thoughts -
collisions of
undeniable wonder
that never slip away

Tell them how
we will sustain ourselves
on purity
watch the birds
garden sunset
live profoundly
the rest of our days
among unguarded magic
the day
time stood still