Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Door Orchestra

There is a door orchestra

that plays only at night

Trying mysteriously

to stay out of sight

They've mastered their timing

One door then the next

I am the conductor

of a percussion quartet

The rythm is a pattern

of high notes and lows

A bedroom door orchestra

and its crescendos

Out of their rooms

the players will peek

A standing ovation

and forte, they seek

Without an encore

a cymbal will clash

The repeat sound

of a metal door latch

It's time for bed

to sleep, no less

I will give you a whole note

if you give me a rest


  1. I know those sounds all to well . But what amazes me is that you take those same sounds and turn them into something as wonderful as this poem you have wrote . Standing ovation to the conductor and on writing another great piece .

  2. I AM impressed! This is great. Poems, not my thing...couldn't write them, wasn't into reading them.....except yours, I love it!

  3. things have changed since November!! ha!